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Fight Fire with Fire: Bring the Heat to Your Divorce Case

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Your former spouse may be the ruler of pettiness, but you can play their game better during the separation. Bring the fire to your divorce case when you have a strategy and a divorce lawyer ready to go to battle for you. When you walk into your case with a plan, you won’t have to go down to their petty level to get the results you’re looking for from the divorce.

Divorce cases are an emotional process, but you don’t have to allow emotions to cloud your mind and keep you from the primary goal of the separation. Being tough, or at least looking tough, proves to your former spouse they are not going to get their way this time.

Bring the Fire to Your Divorce Case with These Strategies

Preparation is vital for any victory in a divorce, as it will show you have clear intentions and needs from the separation. Your disorganized ex-love is going to see they messed with the wrong person.

Children are first and foremost

Strategizing ways for child custody after a divorce is often tricky, but preparing to the bring the fire into your divorce case even for your children. Priority of the children’s future is essential for any separation case, so plan accordingly in what you want to fight for when it concerns them.

Have a winning attorney by your side

If the first day of your divorce was tough due to the unnecessary demands of your former spouse, get an attorney who can fight fire with fire. A passionate attorney won’t be scared easily with pettiness and will work with you to never stoop down to their levels. An experienced lawyer is going to get you your win without any shortcuts

Plan realistic demands

Your ex-spouse might have “needs,” but you don’t have to live in a land of make-believe like them. You know exactly what is rightfully yours and what you need to live life peacefully. Having practical needs helps you and your lawyer look like you can to play fair and realistic and not asking for delusions. In the end, you will have everything you need, and your former spouse will see how full of themselves they look in the divorce.

Nadin Cutter Will Bring the Fire to Your Divorce Case

There may be many divorce lawyers in Las Vegas, but none compare to the tenacity of Nadin Cutter. She has helped many clients get the results they never thought were possible from their divorces. Schedule a consultation with her to see how she can help you!

Attorneys with Big Reputations Are Hashtag Divorce Goals

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Lawyers already have certain reputations, but the ones with the passion for getting their clients make bigger impressions. An attorney with a big reputation for winning their divorce cases in the best way possible is someone you want on your side for your separation. They will work with you to get everything rightfully yours and have your former love shaking in their seat when they see you come to court with your power attorney.

An Attorney with a Big Reputation Is Who You Need for Your Divorce

After all the years you spent with your trifling ex, it’s time for you to take charge and separation yourself with a lawyer who isn’t going to let you down like your former companion did your entire relationship.

Characteristics of a strong divorce lawyer

People will always be intimidated by influential individuals, and a good divorce lawyer is an actual example of this. Your ex will be jealous of the tough but smart attorney you bought for your divorce case. But if you are still searching for the right one, how can you tell if a divorce lawyer is any good?

These are the characteristics of an attorney with a big reputation:

  • Passionate about your case and helping you win
  • Stand with you until the very end and won’t take any shortcuts
  • Have sincere concerns for you and your wellbeing during the divorce
  • Uses best practices to get you all you need for your separation

If you meet a divorce lawyer and they don’t exude these qualities, you shouldn’t allow them to represent you.

Reputation isn’t always bad

There will always be people who don’t want to accept the fact your divorce attorney does a good job for their client. This hard-working reputation is where they feel intimidated and have to make this attorney’s work come off as hostile or “pushy,” just because they do what it takes to get their client what they need. Don’t let the rumors of your attorney’s reputation intimidate you; continue to go after their services if you are looking to have the upper hand in your divorce.

Believe in the Reputation of Nadin Cutter and Her Law Team

One of the best divorce lawyers in Las Vegas, Nadin Cutter ensures you the results you what from your separation. She is passionate about every single client she takes on and won’t allow for any shortcuts in the process. Schedule a consultation with her today!

Kids First: Prioritizing Your Children during a Custody Case

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Separation for the sake of the children is a stressful event for both the parents. You are doing it for your children’s well-being and allowing them to live in a more peaceful environment than the one of constant fighting. The children and their futures are the priority in a child custody case, and you must agree with your former spouse on a strategy to keep their lives as normal as possible.

Child custody laws are the protection of minors, and their lives after the separation of their parents become official. The transition after the parents split shouldn’t majorly affect them if the custody case goes well.

How to Get the Proper Custody for Your Children’s Well-being

Create less trauma from your separation for your sons or daughters when you have a strategy for your custody case. It is essential to also talk with them in the best way you can about the situation and how you don’t want them to worry about anything during this time.

Plan a strategy with your lawyer

A discussion with your child custody lawyer is crucial before the beginning of your custody case, so you all understand the terms you are considering for your children. Your attorney will begin strategizing the best and least traumatic outcome for everyone in the process. Giving your attorney a clear understanding of how you want to share custody of your children helps your case run smoothly.

Express your concerns

Along with a strategy, speak with your attorney about any worries for your children when they are in the custody of the other parent. Your passionate and thorough attorney will keep this in mind during your case so they can fight for monitoring of your concerns for the sake of the children.

Seek help for the children

If you are having trouble explaining the separation to your son or daughter, or they have shown irregular behavior during your child custody case, consider the option of therapy to help them express themselves with someone. They might reveal some emotions with a professional they haven’t with you. It helps you to also look for ways to make life as simple as possible during this time.

Your Children’s Well-being is Our Number One Priority

Nadin Cutter and her legal team focus on the future of the children in every single child custody case. Look no further for a group of lawyers in Las Vegas ready to get you the results you need to win. Schedule a consultation with us today!

3 Ways to Get Back at a Trifling Ex during a Divorce

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The love has gone, but the pettiness and disrespect often continue when couples choose to end their marriages. If you are suffering through the ringer with a selfish ex-companion, the emotional divorce process will only show their true colors. But we have three ways to get back at an ex-spouse in a justified and honest way.

There are ways to show the real snake your ex is without lowering down to their level and how to win justly in a divorce case. Honesty and truth go a long way in a divorce case, so use it to your advantage to make you look like the better person than they are on the court.

3 Ways to Get Back at an Ex-Spouse during Your Separation Case

Don’t let anyone intimidate you in the courtroom for your divorce, especially someone who has betrayed your love and trust. Allowing them to see you weaken makes them feel as though they have power over you and your emotions. Stand tall and honest through it all to teach them you are your independent person.

Add these three things to your strength to get you through your divorce case.

Get all your receipts

Gather all the evidence you possibly can to strengthen your case during your trial. Grab all the paperwork for assets, joint accounts, and other valuables you acquired during your marriage. Having all your information and papers ready helps when your trifling former companion wants to get away with not giving you what you have rightfully earned.

You shouldn’t walk out of the courtroom without half of what you built with this person for however long you were both together.

Hire a fierce lawyer

The second of the 3 ways to get back at an ex-spouse will make your former love shake with fear. Getting a passionate and persistent lawyer for your divorce is the surefire way to have the upper hand in your divorce. If your lawyer doesn’t have the fire to fight for what you deserve, you won’t win in your separation case.

They need to have your best interest in mind at all times and get you everything you justly deserve. Divorce lawyers who want to take the easy way out should also find a way out of your case to make room for a lawyer who is there for you.

Make a game plan

Once you have your best lawyer on your side, begin strategizing your divorce case win. Discuss with them precisely what you are expecting to receive from the separation, so you both understand just what you want in the divorce. Your lawyer will plan out how to ask for what you are interested in and get you the results you want. Going into a case with a strategy helps keep things in order during your divorce and makes you look more prepared than your spiteful ex-spouse.

The Law Firm Getting You the Results You Need

Nadin Cutter is a family lawyer in Las Vegas who will get you the results you want from your divorce or child custody cases. Your ex-companion will wish they could have had her by their side for your divorce. Schedule a consultation with her today!

Look What You Made Me Do: The Benefits of Getting a Relentless Attorney for Your Divorce

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Are you tired of your former spouse having the upper hand in your divorce case because your lawyer doesn’t have the fight you need? Ditch your soft lawyer and get a relentless attorney for your divorce and make your petty former love squirm with fear. Get what’s rightfully yours when you have a passionate lawyer fighting with you.

The final results of divorce cases all come down to who has the more persistent and aggressive attorney. Is this describing your current lawyer or should you start doing your search for a new one?

Get Smarter in the Nick of Time with a Relentless Attorney for Your Divorce

With states like Nevada having the highest divorce rate, it is critical not to allow your trifling ex-spouse get away with everything you have earned together. Your unflagging attorney for your divorce holds the key to a winning case and how to have a fighting chance in your divorce.

Go hard or go home

A divorce is an emotional process, and it hurts even more when you begin to see the snake your former companion is during the trial. Your attorney is your guide through this procedure and should be the strength you might not have due to your emotions. But if your lawyer isn’t going above and beyond to get you everything you deserve, how do you expect to win?

A vigorous attorney on your side during a divorce knows you might have too many emotions to get through your trial or even think straight. They already know the strategies to use to make your case go in your favor. They won’t rest until you get the victory and get the chance to see your now insignificant other pay you what you have earned over the years.

Confidence boost

You should feel firm and confident on your first day of your divorce trial because you know your attorney has your best interest in mind. They should calm your nerves, not give you a panic attack. Showing your nervousness during your divorce case lets your former companion they have the upper hand.

If your attorney isn’t ready to boost you up in your trial, you don’t need this type of negativity in your life. You’ve dealt with enough after being married to a slithering reptile for so long.

Hire a Divorce Attorney Who Won’t Stop until You’ve Won

With so many divorce lawyers in Las Vegas to choose, pick the one who won’t take any shortcuts just to get the case over. Nadin Cutter is the relentless attorney ready to get you everything you deserve from your trivial ex-spouse. Schedule a consultation with us for our family law services today!

Nevada has very generous asset protection laws.

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In the event you do not have a trust and/or asset protection LLC, Nevada law provides some protection of your assets. If you want real protection, get a trust or asset protection LLC well in advance of entering any risky business relationships and/or exposing yourself or your companies to suit.

Without a trust/asset protection LLC, below is a list of what is protected under Nevada law:
1. ERISA-qualified retirement plans.
2. Federal pensions/pension plans.
3. Disability.
4. Social security.
5. Military pensions.
6. IRAs & non-qualified plans up to $500,000.
7. Homestead on your 1 home up to $550,000.
8. Life Insurance (Up to its cash value, which is now unlimited as of July 1, 2011 in NV); and
9. Certain annuities.

In addition, the following assets are FULLY EXPOSED:
1. CDs (certificates of deposit); and
2. Bank accounts.

Return on Investment

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return-on-investment1Attention All Business Owners:

A simple formula to calculate your ROI (or return on investment) is the following:

(Gain from investment – Cost of investment) / (Cost of investment)

Gains from investment are things like revenue from a business, rental revenue, or proceeds from a sale. Costs of investments are things like overhead, compensation, repair expense, and taxes. The resulting number constitutes your ROI, which should generally beat inflation (or 3%) and approach returns from the stock market.

With investments in the stock market averaging 10.582% during the 20th century as a whole, any ROI that exceeds 10.582% is considered absolutely fantastic. Track your ROI year-after-year and wait until the investment is completely paid off (usually after a few years). Then, sit back and enjoy your passive income.

Don’t forget to consult your favorite attorney, financial adviser and CPA to achieve YOUR MAXIMUM FINANCIAL SUCCESS!!!

Start 2013 Off Right with a Will & Trust

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Prepare a Will & Trust today.

Start 2013 off right with a WILL and a TRUST. We got a number of calls today from people that are ready to create a will and trust to protect their wealth, to ensure their health-related decisions are spelled out in writing, and to protect the future of their heirs. The need to create a will and trust is even more pressing if you have small children. Call Cutter Law Firm today at 702-800-6525 to set up your estate planning appointment.

Below are the Top 10 Reasons You Need a Trust TODAY:

1. Your trust avoids probate. Instead of paying thousands of dollars in probate costs, fees, and attorney charges, the bulk of your estate will be distributed to your heirs upon your death. It saves money.

2. You keep control. Your trust document contains your instructions for managing your assets, and the use of your funds in the event of your death or incapacity. Even when you are unable to handle your own affairs, you make sure they are handled the way you want. And while you are able, you still have full control to buy, use, spend, or even give away your property as you determine. You can sell property, change your beneficiaries, or your trustee, or even revoke the trust if you should decide to do so.

3. It takes less time. Instead of taking months or even years, with a trust your estate can be settled in just a few weeks of your death. There are no court delays or judicial interferences. In the event of your incapacity, your Successor Trustee immediately takes control of your estate for your benefit. No court conservatorship will be required.

4. Your privacy is maintained. A living trust is private. If you become incapacitated, it will remain a private family affair. Upon your death, no announcements need be placed in the paper to invite creditors to file claims, to contest your will, or to notify disgruntled relatives. Your beneficiaries need not be made public.

5. It is less expensive. Don’t forget the costs of probate are a part of the cost of settling your estate with a will. Although a trust is initially more expensive than a will, because of the elimination of probate, the total costs of settling your estate are far less. Use a competent estate planning attorney and not only will there be a cost savings, but the ease of creating your trust will surprise you.

6. No special government forms are needed. With a revocable living trust you do not need a separate tax identification number. You do not file a separate tax return. The trust is tax neutral. You still report all your income on your personal tax return. Your social security number is your trust tax ID number. And you do not need to file any report, agreement, or notice with any government agency.

7. Low maintenance. Once your trust is set up, there will be few changes. You will amend your trust only when you wish to change your beneficiaries or successor trustee, or other details. Occasionally the government will pass a law which affects your trust, however this is rare. An amendment to your trust is generally a simple process.

8. Special gifts are easy with a living trust. If you want to make certain gifts to chosen individuals or organizations you may do so. With a trust this is easy. The trust makes reference to a special list of such gifts. On this list you identify who you chose as recipients of certain items of tangible personal items, such a jewelry, furniture, or other heirlooms. This list is kept with and referred to in your trust document. You may change it from time to time without needing to amend your trust.

9. Eliminate or reduce estate tax. With special planning built into your trust agreement, you may reduce or in some cases even eliminate any estate taxes which would be charged upon your death.

10. Effective Pre-Nuptial Planning. Any property that you place in your trust before you marry is and remains the property of that trust. It stays separate from property accumulated during your marriage. Just be careful not to commingle assets with those acquired by both spouses during a marriage.

Be Mindful of These Expiring Tax Cuts

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On December 31, 2012, if Congress does not take action before then, the following changes to our tax system will go into place. Meet with an attorney today to discuss your options and how to protect yourself in 2012 before the year is over.

1. The maximum federal income tax rate on most 2013 long-term capital gains from real property sales is scheduled rise from the current 15% to 20%.

2. The top rate on most long-term gains from selling properties acquired after December 31, 2000 and held for more than five years is scheduled to rise from the current 15% to 18%.
3. If you sell a rental property for a gain in 2013, a 25 percent maximum rate will apply to the gain amount attributable to the cumulative depreciation write-offs you’ve taken on the property. The same 25 percent rate also applies to depreciation-caused gains from 2012 sales. (Depreciation can cause a taxable gain even if you sell a rental property for somewhat less than the amount you invested — because your basis in the property for tax gain/loss purposes is reduced by depreciation deductions.)
4. The maximum rate on 2013 short-term gains from real property sales will rise from 35 to 39.6 percent.
5. The maximum rate on net ordinary income from operating rental properties (when rental income exceeds your tax write-offs, including depreciation) will rise from 35 to 39.6 percent.

Do not wait to prepare for these changes. Meet with your professional team of attorneys and CPAs to discuss how this affects your family today.

Call our office today at 702-800-6525 to help you get past this treacherous tax hurdle.

Top Reasons to Incorporate in Nevada

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No Corporate Income Tax
No Taxes on Corporate Shares
No Franchise Tax
No Personal Income Tax
Nominal Annual Fees
Nevada corporations may purchase, hold, sell or transfer shares of its own stock.
Nevada corporations may issue stock for capital, services, personal property, or real estate, including leases and options. The directors may determine the value of any of these transactions, and their decision is final.
No Franchise Tax on Income
No Inheritance or Gift Tax
No Unitary Tax
No Estate Tax
Competitive Sales and Property Tax Rates
Minimal Employer Payroll Tax – 0.7% of gross wages with deductions for employer paid health insurance
Nevada’s Business Court
Developed on the Delaware model, the Business Court in Nevada minimizes the time, cost and risks of commercial litigation by:
1. Early, comprehensive case management;
2. Active judicial participation in settlement;
3. Priority for hearing settings to avoid business disruption; and
4. Predictability of legal decisions in commercial matters.